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Easy Mini Christmas Puddings
Strawberry and Coconut Slice

Strawberry and Coconut Slice

If you love strawberries like I do, then you need to give this Strawberry and Coconut Slice recipe a try.  It is simple and so divine. This slice has a light base and baking the strawberries in the oven just intensifies their flavour.  You can mix it up with different fruits like peaches, nectarines, plums, […]

Awesome Chocolate Beetroot Cake

This awesome chocolate beetroot cake will not disappoint. It is a family favourite and it is good to know that it is healthy and gluten free. This recipe is so easy to make you can do it with your kids as you will see in the video I make it with my son Branson. We […]

Healthy Chocolate Orange Pistachio Fudge

If you are looking for a tasty dessert that is healthy then you have come to the right place.  This fudge has no added processed sugar and uses ingredients that are very healthy.  This healthy chocolate orange pistachio fudge will wow your family, friends and colleagues.  Give it a try you wont be disappointed. Warning […]

Homemade Harissa

In Tunisia the basic seasoning paste is Harissa which they use in serving kababs and couscous. I use Harissa as a marinade when I want a bit of spice and flavour. I also use it in my Spicy Carrot Hummus which gives this dip an awesome zing. You can buy Harissa in the store like […]

Guilt Free Pancakes

A family favourite in our house for breakfast is pancakes.   So I developed this recipe that is Guilt Free.  These Guilt free pancakes only have three ingredients and come out fluffy and tasty.  Add any additional flavouring like vanilla, cinnamon, etc or do as we do create a nice berry compote from frozen berries. We […]

Chow Mein

Tasty and Simple Chow Mein

If you are looking for a quick meal and you are in the mood for chinese then this Tasty and Simple Chow Mein will hit the spot.  It is quick and easy and so tasty you and your family won’t be disappointed. So if you have a craving for some good chinese food then you […]

Easy Tahini

Have you ever bought Tahini and wondered how to make it. It is so simple you will wonder why you ever bought it. The good thing about making your own Tahini is that you can make exactly how much you need. Tahini doesnt have a lot of uses in cooking so why buy more than […]

Eggplant Fries – Baked, Not Fried

If you’ve tried fried zucchini sticks and fell in love, you’re in for a real treat. The best news is, these eggplant fries aren’t actually fried. They’re baked! They crispy and include a great herb mixture that is sure to satisfy. If your not a big fan of Eggplant or Aubergine here is a great […]

bread sticks

Butter Herb Bread Sticks

In our house we love our bread especially when it is homemade.  So when I have the time  I love to make these bread sticks especially when we are have friends or family over for dinner. These butter herb bread sticks are the perfect starter and accompaniment to soups, salads, pastas, and entrees of all […]

Kale Chips – Better than Potato Chips

They may not be potato chips, but they’re a close second. These crispy and nutrition-packed chips are sure to be gobbled up quickly.  You wont believe how quick, easy and great they taste. Whether you are watching sport, looking for a healthy snack or want to give your guest as great snack, Kale chips are […]

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