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Easy Mini Christmas Puddings

Leftover Pie – Silverside

Whenever I cook a roast or a large piece of meat I normally cook more vegetables as I always have leftovers.  Why cook more. because you can make this awesome leftover pie.  This version of this pie with with leftovers from our slow cooked silverside recipe. Using store bought puff pastry you can make this […]

Slow Cooked Beef Silverside

Many people ask me how do I cook Silverside (a cheap cut of beef from the hindquarter of cattle, just above the leg cut and can be tough to eat).  As this is a cheap cut of meat it is popular but some people have difficulty cooking it or making it soft and tender.  This […]

Tuna Mornay

Tuna Mornay

If you are looking for a quick meal for the family with ingredients that you normally have in the pantry then this is the recipe for you.  Tuna Mornay is a staple meal in our house and a go to meal when we don’t have much time. Everyone cooks a tuna mornay differently but this […]

Quick meal for 4 – Steak and Vegetables.

20 Minute meal for those in a hurry. Steak and Vegetables. Sausages for the picky son that doesn’t like steak. Who doesn’t like STEAK! How do you cook a meal for 4 in 20 minutes including preparation time? Enjoy.

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