Giday and welcome to the tasty cook. My name is Jose and I am one of the cooks that will take you on a journey of food that is not only easy to cook but also very tasty. Our goal is to provide you access to great cooking tips and tricks and awesome recipes that vary from quick week night family favorites to dinner party sensations.

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About Jose

Hi. My name is Jose Gil and I am one of the cooks here at the tasty cook. I am a husband and father of two teenage boys and when I am not cooking I am a bit of a geek developing websites, apps and other technical things but I have always had a passion for food. I love to cook and the people I cook for love my cooking.

Every night I cook dinner for my family and coming up with interesting quick meals is a challenge. My boys are fussy so this makes this even more challenging so I have had to become inventive and clever with hiding vegetables and other healthy ingredients. I always the cook for our dinner guests and parties.

I try to keep my cooking healthy and low fat as I am getting older and it just seems to hit my waist line. So I will share my tips on how to pick the right snacks and substitute ingredients to make a dish healthier.

Having been tempted and told to open cafes and restaurants in the past, I decided that creating a website and video channel would allow me to share my love for cooking and continue with my technical skills as well.

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