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Chocolate Quinoa and Chia Brownies

Are you looking for a healthy dessert or treat, then I have one for you.  These brownies are light and very tasty with a hidden secret ingredient that will surprise. Adding sweet potato gives these brownies an extra healthy kick and a lovely texture. I took these lovely treats to my place of work and […]

Easy Mini Christmas Puddings

If you are looking for a quick Christmas gift or treat that you can make for your family, friend or work colleagues then I have a special treat for you. I got this recipe from a good friend and tweaked it a bit for added flavour. These Easy Mini Christmas Puddings are so easy to […]

Corn and Sweet Chilli Muffins

I recently made these beautiful muffins for a winery tour through the lovely Clare Valley in South Australia. They were a hit and many asked for the recipe so here it is. These muffins have a bit of zing from the sweet chilli, the sweetness for the creamed corn then the texture of the polenta. […]

Homemade Harissa

In Tunisia the basic seasoning paste is Harissa which they use in serving kababs and couscous. I use Harissa as a marinade when I want a bit of spice and flavour. I also use it in my Spicy Carrot Hummus which gives this dip an awesome zing. You can buy Harissa in the store like […]

Easy Tahini

Have you ever bought Tahini and wondered how to make it. It is so simple you will wonder why you ever bought it. The good thing about making your own Tahini is that you can make exactly how much you need. Tahini doesnt have a lot of uses in cooking so why buy more than […]

Healthy Chocolate Orange Pistachio Fudge

If you are looking for a tasty dessert that is healthy then you have come to the right place.  This fudge has no added processed sugar and uses ingredients that are very healthy.  This healthy chocolate orange pistachio fudge will wow your family, friends and colleagues.  Give it a try you wont be disappointed. Warning […]

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  Nestled in the Hahndorf Hills is an extraordinary winery that takes wine tasting to a different dimension.  The Hahndorf Hill Winery offers wine matching tastings with food and chocolate.  The menu options are varied – there are many offerings to tantalise your tastebuds. This is a foodie’s paradise and you could eat here every […]

It was a beautiful day for a drive in the Adelaide Hills (South Australia) and our stop was the Hahndorf Hill Winery for lunch and a special experience – ChocoVino (Chocolate and Wine tasting experience). My wife and I were treated to two beautiful food platters of local produce that was expertly matched to their […]

Reasons to drink coffee

Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage and one of my favourites. It is grown in many countries, and comes in endless flavors, strengths, and varieties. And guess what? That’s perfectly fine. While many would have you to believe, drinking coffee is bad for you, the research shows otherwise. Coffee (in moderation) can actually be […]

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Corn and Sweet Chilli Muffins

I recently made these beautiful muffins for a winery tour thro…

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